Brit France

Why is this website here?

It’s here because it was once a blog that gave some useful information for English speaking people with an interest in France. Also it was a place where people with a small business or non-profit organisation could have a guest post to try and help them get noticed.

Unfortunately today it is no longer able to do this as it was getting hit to hard by idiots who just want to hack a website, or keep sending me requests to advertise scams, cons, or some rather dodgy products. And as I don't have the time to keep an eye on the place due to health reasons, I had no option but to close it down. So today it's just a webpage with the main emphasis being on its Twitter Account and The Brit France Daily

I'm sorry to those that had written guest posts about their new business or non-profit organisation in France, and I do hope it gave you a little bit of traffic. But it's just not possible for me to keep it going the way it was, as I need to concentrate my efforts on Psoriasis Club

So what's next for Brit France?

I'm going to keep the Twitter account and the Paper going as they have built up a good following and going by the feedback a lot of people would like to see them both stay as they are. I will also be holding onto the britfrance domain name as it has built up a good following.

If anyone that Brit France follows on Twitter could do with a shout out, please do contact me as I'm always happy to help if I can. Especially to small businesses and non-profits who could do with a Retweet or a piece in the Paper.

And Finaly:

Thank you to everyone that had supported the Brit France website and apologies once again to those of you that had contributed to it.

Good luck to you all for the future, and keep well.